Episode 10 – Frankie’s 5 Tips for Responding During Severe Weather

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A Wisdom Wednesday Episode. On Wisdom Wednesday I bring wisdom from the best books, articles, videos etc. and share the highlights with you!

Recorded from my closet during the aftermath of Hurricane Irma from the North Atlanta Suburbs.

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“The secret of crisis management isn’t good vs. bad; it’s preventing the bad from getting worse.” – Andy Gilman

Book of the Day: Social Media and Crisis Communication – Lucinda L. Austin and Yan Jin

Five Steps for Responding During Severe Weather

  1. Be Prepared: Develop a plan in advance with your leadership team to include these items:
    1. Who:
      1. Who are the point people for each department and area when weather strikes?
      2. Who will draft messaging for agents?
      3. Who will be working? do I have enough staff?
    2. What:
      1. What constitutes an emergency?
      2. What will agents be allowed to say?
      3. Will you only share updates relevant to your company, or will you provide community information on access to food, water, shelter and news updates?
    3. When:
      1. When will the emergency leadership team meet?
      2. When will updates be given to front line agents?
    4. Why: 
      1. What is our our overarching philosophy behind the plan we have made?
      2. Which parts can be adjusted as needed and which parts cannot?
    5. How: 
      1.  How will updates be given?
      2. How will messaging remain consistent between departments?
      3. How will agents access the internet if a loss of power occurs?
  2. Consider Staffing
    1. Add overtime in advance if you have notice
    2. Choose agents that solve problems well. Listen to Episode 5: Hire the Right Type of Agent
  3. Be Responsive
    1. Let consumers know in advance what the company’s plans are
    2. Set a schedule to provide updates and stick to that schedule
    3. For service companies, consider creating an outage map
  4. Manage Volume: Listen to Episode 6: Respond to Everything for more detail.
  5. Deliver the “All Clear”
    1. Remember to let consumers and agents alike know when the event has passed.
    2. Thank customers for their patience
    3. Thank agents for their dedication
    4. Complete an after action review.

About the author, Frankie Saucier

Frankie Saucier created the Socially Supportive podcast because believes that in order to advance digital and social customer care, leaders must come together in a community where colleagues can collaborate on the latest strategies and discuss the best technology. The Socially Supportive podcast creates a space for that community to thrive. She is also the Founder and CEO of Socially Supportive, a digital consultancy that helps brands communicate effectively with customers online. Frankie is a member of several consortiums, including the Social Care Leaders Group, an international group of leaders in the digital and social care space. She has over 20 years' experience in customer experience, including 7 years creating and running the digital customer support team at the 3rd largest cable company in the U.S. She also holds a bachelors in Mass Communications.

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