Episode 39 – Features to Look For in a Social Customer Service Engagement Platform

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A Tech Tuesday Episode. All things Technology related to providing digital customer service.

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“Social media is not about the exploitation of technology but service to community. ” – Simon Mainwaring

Book of the day: Successful Social Media Customer Service: How to Handle Complaints, Delight Fans, and Create Brand Advocates – Andrew Macarthy

7 Features to Look for in a Social Customer Service Engagement Platform

  1. Channels: – Facebook, Twitter, public forums, private forums, Instagram, Google+ YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogs, Reviews, FourSquare, TripAdvisor (beta), etc.
  2. Tagging: see (Episode 24 – Post Tagging Strategy).
    1. Geography US
      • State
      • City
      • Outside the US
    2. Type of Post
      • Question
      • Trouble Report
      • Compliment
      • Complaint
    3. Category of Post
      • Billing
      • Technical
    4. Source of Post
      • Facebook
        • Public
        • PM
      • Twitter
        • Public
        • DM
      • Instagram
      • Google+ (yes some people still use this)
      • Community Forums
    5. Keywords of Interest
      • Specific Product / Service Names
      • Event Names
      • Persons of Interest
    6. Post Status
      • Conversation Initiated
      • Conversation Ongoing
      • Conversation Closed
  3. Integration:
    1. Ability to integrate knowledge base content
    2. Ability to integrate community forums content
  4. Workflow:
    1. Push workflow/autoassign/skill based routing
    2. Guards against cherry picking
  5. Emergency Dashboard:
    1. Event Notifications
      1. X Mentions
      2. X Time Period
      3. X Geographical Area
    2. Notification Delivery
      1. Banner in the tool
      2. Email to leadership
      3. App notification
  6. Forecasting
    1. Volume
    2. Staffing Needs
    3. Costs associated
  7. Security


Who’s Doing it Well?

About the author, Frankie Saucier

Frankie Saucier created the Socially Supportive podcast because believes that in order to advance digital and social customer care, leaders must come together in a community where colleagues can collaborate on the latest strategies and discuss the best technology. The Socially Supportive podcast creates a space for that community to thrive. She is also the Founder and CEO of Socially Supportive, a digital consultancy that helps brands communicate effectively with customers online. Frankie is a member of several consortiums, including the Social Care Leaders Group, an international group of leaders in the digital and social care space. She has over 20 years' experience in customer experience, including 7 years creating and running the digital customer support team at the 3rd largest cable company in the U.S. She also holds a bachelors in Mass Communications.

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