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Have you just received a promotion, and now find yourself running digital support operations for your organization? No? Well, would you like to? Or are you a seasoned leader who is new to the digital and social arena? Whether you have a few quick questions, one thorny issue to resolve, or need a coaching program, I can help.

With over 7 years' experience in the digital and social media space, I've got the background, connections and insight to take you from brand new to expert in no time.

For a quick question, book 30 minutes. For a trickier issue or a few questions, book 60. If you're ready to fast-track your career in digital and social customer support operations, sign up for a free consultation session.

We can talk about:

  • Chatbots
  • Playbooks
  • Measuring ROI
  • Workforce Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Reporting
  • Industry Insights
  • Technology
  • and much more!

Don't wait to reach out. The future is already being planned now, and I can help you plan yours today.


“I've worked alongside Frankie in the social customer service industry now for many years. She was one of the early thought leaders in the space, helping to drive forward a nascent industry. She's always been an extremely thoughtful, well networked leader with a great appreciation of the big changes happening in the service industry."

- Joshua March, Co-founder and CEO of Conversocial. Author of "Message Me," a book on the future of customer service.

“I met Frankie a few years back when I was leading the social program at Comcast and she was leading the social program at Cox. Needless to say, we immediately started sharing best practices, and talking through some pain-points that we were seeing within the social industry. Frankie is definitely looked at as an industry expert, especially in the customer service/social servicing area. I would highly recommend her to any brand who is struggling with how to start a social program, or how to optimize their current social program to be more efficient and scale throughout the enterprise.”

– Bill Gerth, Director, Social Business at USAA

“Frankie is a proven expert in the social media space and has tremendous passion for helping companies deliver exceptional service across all digital properties. She has successfully designed leading edge strategies by leveraging her relationships with industry experts, and by partnering with best-in-class software designers to stay abreast of quickly evolving technology that allows corporations to deliver support to customers across existing and future digital channels. I was honored to collaborate with her in her previous role as she built out an award-winning Enterprise Social Care & Lead Generation program.”

– Lance Fried, Investor, former CEO of SoCoCare


There are 200k chatbots actively running on Facebook Messenger today, doing anything from selling airline tickets to answering questions to allowing customers to try on shades of lipstick or pick out clothing. Reports show that $30 Trillion in assets will be transferred from baby boomers to their millennial heirs in the next 10-20 years and that those millennials prefer frictionless, personal service over digital channels.  Customer support is digital now, and it's evolving at a breakneck pace.

If your organization needs assistance becoming competitive or remaining relevant in the digital space, I can help. I'm in regular contact with leaders of brands and technology companies shaping the future of customer support in the digital space. I have the insight and connections to ensure the program you design is well-positioned for success today and tomorrow.

Reach out today to schedule a call. We can discuss your program, your needs, and how I can help you achieve accelerated results for your operations while minimizing the learning curve associated with navigating this ever-changing landscape.


You've heard the Socially Supportive Podcast. And you know that a podcast would be the perfect place to share your knowledge with the world. But... you're not sure how to get started. Whether you want to learn how to run your own show or want someone to produce your show for you, I can help. I've spent countless hours learning how to podcast, and I can save you time and money. Because let's face it: podcasting can be very expensive, and it can be very time-consuming. But I'm happy to say that it doesn't have to be.

Reach out to me and I'll share how you can work with me to:

  • Brainstorm Topics
  • Select Formats
  • Develop a Content Calendar
  • Batch Record
  • Self-Produce
  • Outsource the whole thing

Schedule some time by clicking the "Free Consultation" Button now. Don't wait. The time to start that podcast is now!


Have an event coming up? Or a department meeting? If you need a speaker and are looking for an expert in the digital and social customer support space, I can help. With over 20 years' experience in customer support at large corporations and 7 years' experience in digital customer support, I have the experience to share insights about what customers are looking for when contacting companies for support. As the author of the upcoming book What Customers Want, host of the Socially Supportive Podcast, founder of the MorningBrooke Digital Consultancy, and former leader of digital and customer support for the third-largest cable company in the U.S., I can share the latest strategy and technology being deployed across leading brands around the globe.

Schedule a consultation today to learn more.