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About Socially Supportive

Founded by Frankie Saucier in 2016, MorningBrooke Digital Company, LLC recently launched the Socially Supportive brand to provide consulting, speaking and engaging workshop services to organizations and professionals looking to provide excellent customer service over digital and social media channels.

Saucier provides first-hand expertise to corporations and organizations focusing on this vertical. For brands, she specializes in digital and social channel assessment, strategy, competitive analysis, playbook creation, digital process design, and tech selection. For social and digital technology platforms, Saucier specializes in brand journey mapping and feature optimization to make your technology the clear choice for brands

Reasons to Contact Frankie

  • Request an interview (print, tv, radio, podcast, blog)
  • Request to quote Frankie Saucier or Socially Supportive
  • Request a speaking appearance by Frankie Saucier



  • For Tech Providers

    • Brand Journey Mapping
    • Roadmap Consulting
    • Feature Optimization
  • For Brands

    • Digital and social channel assessment
    • Digital channel design and integration
    • Strategy design
    • Competitive analysis
    • Playbook creation
    • Digital process design
    • Tech selection

Interviewer Resources

  • Frankie Saucier founded MorningBrooke Digital Company, LLC in 2016.
  • She launched the Socially Supportive brand and podcast in 2017.
  • Saucier helps brands communicate effectively with their customers over digital channels like social media, chat, SMS, and community forums.
  • She believes the difficulty with pinpointing the ROI of social customer care has artificially suppressed the growth of the channel.
  • She has participated on, and moderated panels for, digital customer care, including the category’s best Incite Group Customer Service Summit.
  • Saucier is a member of the Social Leader’s Consortium, the Atlanta Social Media Women’s Group, and Podcast Atlanta.
  • She is a Navy brat, born in Texas, and has lived in California, Maryland, Florida and Oklahoma. She currently lives near Atlanta, GA.
  • Saucier graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications, focusing on Public Affairs, Marketing and Journalism. She has a minor in Business Administration.

Suggested Interview Questions

  • Why do some companies still not respond on social media?
  • Is social media customer care just a fad? How valuable is it?
  • How did you get involved in providing customer care over social media?
  • What can businesses do to ensure they provide great customer service on social media?
  • Why are more customers turning to digital customer care for support?
  • What does the future of customer care look like?
  • Is it possible for small businesses to support their customers online with limited staffing?


“I've worked alongside Frankie in the social customer service industry now for many years. She was one of the early thought leaders in the space, helping to drive forward a nascent industry. She's always been an extremely thoughtful, well networked leader with a great appreciation of the big changes happening in the service industry."

- Joshua March, Co-founder and CEO of Conversocial. Author of "Message Me," a book on the future of customer service.

“Frankie is a proven expert in the social media space and has tremendous passion for helping companies deliver exceptional service across all digital properties. She has successfully designed leading edge strategies by leveraging her relationships with industry experts, and by partnering with best-in-class software designers to stay abreast of quickly evolving technology that allows corporations to deliver support to customers across existing and future digital channels. I was honored to collaborate with her in her previous role as she built out an award-winning Enterprise Social Care & Lead Generation program.”

– Lance Fried, Investor, former CEO of SoCoCare


“I met Frankie a few years back when I was leading the social program at Comcast and she was leading the social program at Cox. Needless to say, we immediately started sharing best practices, and talking through some pain-points that we were seeing within the social industry. Frankie is definitely looked at as an industry expert, especially in the customer service/social servicing area. I would highly recommend her to any brand who is struggling with how to start a social program, or how to optimize their current social program to be more efficient and scale throughout the enterprise.”

– Bill Gerth, Director, Social Business at USAA


“Frankie Saucier is a thought leader in the Social Customer Care space. I spent countless hours talking with and brainstorming with her, and I always came away from the conversation enlightened and excited to implement new ideas. I wish Frankie the best in her new journey and know she will bring a ton of experience, wisdom and value to her clients.”

– Brian Weber, Director, Contact Center Operations at Summit Broadband


“Frankie Saucier brings it all. In business we meet many people who possess a level of knowledge. However, in the field of social media customer service it takes more to be successful. Yes, knowledge and experience are certainly key aspects. However, the secret sauce is a true empathy for the customer and then understanding from a strategic perspective how to ensure the customer is integrated into your business and marketing initiatives. Frankie is one of the rare people who bring together all of the pieces: knowledge, experience of social media customer service (social service), customer-focus, business strategy plus she's a delight to work with any project.”

– Toby Bloomberg, Social Media and Digital Strategist, Speaker